Five Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for the Family

Spring is officially here, and along with the beautiful weather and not-so-glamorous allergy season comes the desire to clean, organize, and declutter the mess and hoarding that happens when you’re too busy living life.

I love spring. To me, it symbolizes fresh and new beginnings. The perfect excuse to get rid of the old things that no longer suit me and make room for the things I’m looking forward to in the months ahead. Spring cleaning can be energizing for some, but a daunting and overwhelming experience for others, especially for families that can’t seem to get past organizing the junk drawer.

Fortunately, some tips can help navigate those challenges and get the whole family involved in the spring cleaning festivities. Below are five ways to make spring cleaning fun for the family.

Make a plan

Like with goal setting, there’s incredible power with outlining what you want to accomplish when working on a specific project. The same is true for home projects like spring cleaning. Before you plug in the vacuum and line up all your cleaning supplies, take the time to sit down with your family and create a plan. This should include the timeline and objectives for the project, and detail who is responsible for what task.

Once the plan is complete, you can take it a step further and break down each section into smaller assignments. For kids, putting a sticky note with their name on it in any area they’re responsible for can help keep them on track and accountable. When they’re done with the note, they can either have the satisfaction of throwing it away or cashing it in for a small treat – we’ll talk about rewards further down in the article.

Play some tunes

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to get anything done without a fun playlist keeping me motivated. For deep cleaning days, I love to listen to upbeat music that can keep me motivated and energized. If you have a speaker that plays music loud enough to be heard around the house, don’t be shy to turn it up and get everyone in the mood. Just be mindful of the time of day and your neighbors’ sensitivity to noise.

Get competitive

There’s nothing kids like more than some friendly competition, so why not sure that to your advantage when tackling your spring cleaning to-do list? Think of creative ways to make a game or contest out of the project. My daughter loves when she’s challenged to beat the clock and clean her room before the timer goes off. Try something similar and see if it works in your household.

Stock up on tools and products

Everyone loves to use any excuse to visit their favorite store, so make a field trip out of the need to stock up on your essential cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to take inventory of what you already have before stepping out of the door to avoid hoarding too many supplies in your organized closets.

Plan rewards

One of the greatest motivators when working on a big and intimidating project having rewards to look forward to after completion. When it comes to deciding on appropriate rewards for these types of tasks, it depends on you, your family, and your budget. Fun activities like going to the movies, enjoying a dessert, or going out for a fancier-than-usual dinner. Your family deserves it!