Why is talking about money so taboo? Whether you’re considering a conversation with your boss for a raise, or simply trying to get confident around your own feelings with money, there are steps you can take to make it happen.

Take charge of your life (and your wallet) with these simple tips and tricks to make money conversations easy and painless.

Check your bank account regularly

If you’re like me, then the simple thought of logging in to your bank account makes your stomach turn. For as long as I can remember, I’ve refrained from checking my bank account out of fear of not having as much money as I had anticipated.

One easy adjustment I made was to schedule weekly dates with my bank account. Once a week (usually on a Sunday when both my husband and I are available) I sit down and go through my bank account. Since I use my debit card to pay for almost everything, all my expenses are noted for. At that time, I go through that week’s expenses and evaluate myself. How did I do? Did I overspend? What mistakes can I learn from for the next week?

Get vulnerable

Letting your guard down is never easy. The thought of putting yourself out there to be criticized is terrifying for most of us. However, if talking about or dealing with money makes you uncomfortable in any way, getting vulnerable is a crucial step in making a change.

Sharing your fears, discomforts, and insecurities around money can help you release some of the tension. Similarly, you allow feedback from others who might be going through the same things. Vulnerability can also lead to community, ultimately creating a safe space for you to feel comfortable talking about it.

Take baby steps

Success doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to let yourself down, then set standards that are impossible to meet. While most would love for success to happen immediately, growth and improvement is a journey that takes time. Setting SMART goals can help you track your progress.

Start small and implement changes and adjustments as you go. Try getting vulnerable and opening up as a first step. Take note of how you feel before, during, and after the conversations. Once you feel comfortable, try scheduling weekly dates with your bank account.

Remember, the biggest difference between dreams and success is action. So, get started today and start seeing improvements immediately.