Easy Method Helps Keep Your Car Away From Thieves

When it comes to keeping your car safe from theft, there are a few simple things you can do to help make it harder for thieves to access your vehicle.

According to top cybersecurity agents with the FBI, there are two methods that help make it harder for your car to be stolen.

Today, many thieves are using cyber hacks to gain the codes or manipulate the wireless technology car FOBs use to unlock and start a car.

The FOBs are always sending a signal to the car so when the driver is ready to unlock their door or start the vehicle, the FOB works properly.

Now, hackers have figured out how to use these wireless signals to unlock cars or even control them, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Cars have millions of lines of code because most now have computer-like brains build inside to help operate functions of the car.

High-tech navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio all help make a car’s software complex but open to hackers.

Hackers can now tap into a car’s software and manipulate the vehicle. One example of this in action was in 2015 when two hackers volunteered to show how easy it was for them to control a moving vehicle with a driver inside for the media outlet, Wired.

They were able to disable to transmission and brakes, and even take control over the steering wheel. For the full video click here.

Car manufacturers are working toward finding solutions to keep cars safe from being hacked, but in the meantime FBI cybersecurity agents recommend people do two things:

  1. Keep your car keys in a metal coffee can every night
  2. Wrap your car FOB in aluminum foil during the day

The metal and foil stops the electromagnetic field the FOB gives off from its continuous signal. As a result thieves can’t use the wireless signal to steal the car it’s going to.

For those who prefer not to have their FOB wrapped in foil all day, the FBI recommends people spend a couple of dollars on a Faraday bag, which can be purchased on various sites including Amazon.