A breakup can be a traumatic time in your life. It can cause a tremendous amount of emotions that you may not know what do with. If one thing’s for sure, a break up can make you want to change. Change what? Something…ANYTHING about yourself. It could be something as frivolous as changing your hairstyle or something as serious as changing your entire lifestyle. A breakup, especially if it was with someone you truly loved, may force you to look at yourself and your life like you’ve never done before.

Your view on love is going to change and what you thought you knew about heartbreak is going to alter. The way you saw relationships before is definitely going to be very different from how you see them now. So, instead of letting all this change break you, take the power back and make your own changes!

StyleBarber makes a hair-dress to the young blonde

Cut your long locks or shape those side bangs! Changing your hair is one of the most popular processes of getting over a breakup. There’s just something magical about changing your hairstyle. Even the tiniest difference can make a giant impact on your confidence and self-esteem.

It may not stop at your head either. Women may change their style all together after a break up. Hair, clothes, accessories, etc. Every item of clothing in your closet may end up in the garbage can or incinerator. Your clothes may remind you of your ex and those might not be memories you want right now! So toss those threads and explore another style. You can always go back if you want.


When you’re in a relationship it is easy to compromise a part of yourself for the other person. Like watching their favorite films instead of yours, or going to restaurants they prefer over your favorite type of cuisine. Guess what? You no longer have to compromise after a breakup. You can say “YES” to everything you want to do and because of this freedom your attitude might change. And if your attitude changes, your lifestyle could change happy.woman.thumbs up.in itself. I say, welcome it!

It’s easy to over analyze everything after a breakup. No matter how the relationship ended, you may start looking at your own faults more. You may not feel confident about who you are and this could make it even harder for you to move on. That’s why I say change something! Do something for yourself to make yourself feel better.

Don’t change something about yourself in order to attract other men, or even to get your ex boyfriend back. Do it for yourself! According to an article in The Bold, “…Reinventing yourself after a breakup can be a thrilling way to start off a new chapter in your life!”

Change, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.