Go Hang Out With Your Girlfriends. It’s Good For Your Health!

Toxic FriendsHow often do you make time to hang out with your girlfriends? A recent study conducted at the University of Oxford suggests making plans with your BFFs twice a week.

The study noted that women who make it a priority to see and socialize with their friends on a weekly basis tend to have lower levels of stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.

It’s also healthy to engage in conversation and have the opportunity to vent and relax around people you trust.

Humans are social creatures by nature. We enjoy engaging with others and having a pack to be a part of. That’s why it’s so healthy to have a group of friends you enjoy being around and can engage with.

Having an outlet to express one’s feelings is crucial for a healthy mind, especially when stress plays a huge role in declining health and wellbeing.

In fact, as we continue to have more ways to socially interact with one another, we are becoming increasingly antisocial to the point children are having a difficult time developing social skills due to the constant stimulation of devices and phones.

We use too much time to attempt to engage via social media platforms, but this never amounts to the positive impact face-to-face interactions have on the brain.

Learning how to communicate, pick up and develop social skills and cues, and how to build relationships is an essential part of being human.

Even when we do meet up with friends how often do we place our phones on the table or check them during dinner? Put the devices away and engage with your besties.

Use the time you have to communicate and be present. It is so good for the mind and soul to slow down and enjoy the moment with your best friends.