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G. Darrell and Bonni Olson of Jewels & Estate Gallery

As a journalist it is always been fun for me to interview and write about people from all walks of life. Once in awhile I get to meet people who have left a lasting legacy. I recently had to opportunity to meet G. Darrell and Bonni Olson of Jewels & Estate Gallery. I met them as a result of their generous donations to Debbie Gaby’s Celebrity Catwalk being held on November 21st. The Olsons have been giving back to the community for years but this year’s generous donations were unprecedented. I really wanted to get to know them more. Bonni was kind enough to spend time with me and let me interview her.

…I must say sitting down in a lavish jewelry gallery is not the worst way to spend an afternoon. I fell in love too many times to count but let’s get back to the story.

G. Darrell Olson, the founder of Jewels & Estate Gallery, has an incredible and tragic story of how he got into the jewelry business. His interest in jewelry started in 1935; at the age of five he began traveling with his father George L. Olson who was a partner and inter-mountain salesman for a wholesale jewelry company in Salt Lake City. Tragically Darrell’s father was robbed and killed by one of his clients. His interest in the jewelry business ended until 1943 when he then became a shipping clerk in his father’s old company.



He moved up to become a salesman and eventually opened up his own retail jewelry store here in Phoenix Arizona. The Olsons remained at the same location for thirty years and only recently relocated to their new gallery at 1846 East Camelback Road.

One of the things I realized right away about the Olson’s is their warm friendly attitude and that they truly are kind people. Darrell and Bonni Olson‘s staff has been with them for many years and they even bring their little dogs with them to the Gallery each day. It was so fun to see Darrell in action with a passion for jewelry that has never waned and a refreshing commitment toward educating his clients. One of the things Bonni pointed out which I hadn’t thought of was the importance to really spend your time finding that perfect stone for your jewelry.

After meeting with the Olsons at Jewels & Estate Gallery I have a new perspective on jewelry and the importance of heirlooms and the lasting legacy they bring.