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I know that it is stated that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, for this column’s sake where we are talking about love and dating, I am going to say that Cleanliness is next to sexiness. It may be an awkward topic, but it is one that needs to be discussed.

I have met with and interviewed many dating single men and woman about this topic. Consistently, both men and women agreed that this is an important part of dating since they lead to potential relationships.

Unmade BedOver the years of my experience of love and dating, I have met some amazing and great guys. Though they were wonderful and I was interested, I just could not get past one thing… their lack of cleanliness.

My first experience with this issue was years ago, when I went on a date with a guy that my friend set me up with.  We had our first date at what was then Eddie Matney’s restaurant on 24th street and Camelback. It was the perfect date. He even asked me out on a second date, where he wanted to cook for me. I accepted.

I went to Mr. Perfect’s home and was instantly turned off. The cat was walking all over the counter while he was cooking. There was so much dog hair on the floors that it collected in piles along the baseboards. It was painfully apparent that home cleanliness was not important. So my thought was instantly… What else isn’t clean? (If you catch my drift).

I couldn’t eat the dinner he made; even the dishes had food stuck on them.  It was a great disappointment to say the least. Bottom-line, if your intimate house isn’t clean, how clean are the rest of your intimate areas? Like I always say… Love is in the details.

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