Women Are Flipping The Age Difference Between Them And Their Partners

Women are having a moment! Lately, it seems as though women are really taking a stand and showing the world what amazing humans they are.

Let’s face it, women are extraordinary. Everyday we are slowly chipping away at the glass ceiling, challenging gender norms and insisting that we are seen as even matches on the playing field.

Not only are women forging paths for themselves in all areas of business, they are also ditching the idea that their spouse should be older than they are when it comes to love, dating and marriage.

Traditionally, women have always married older men. It just seemed normal to be with a man who is older, because somehow this translates into them being more stable, a better provider, and matching in maturity with their spouse.

But now more and more couples are slowly emerging with the woman being older than her boyfriend or husband, and a few celebrity couples have shown us that age really holds no merit when it comes to connecting with someone and falling in love with them.

Women who dated younger men were always called a cougar, or a predator who wants to live out some pool boy fantasy. You never wanted to become Mrs. Robinson because that would mean you are simply an older woman who fancies preying on younger men.

But the idea that women can’t be older than their husband is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and an age gap in reverse is inching its way to being normal.

Take Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Harry is 33 years old and Markle is 37 years old. The new royal couple has a four year age difference at it’s not the groom who is older.

Recently, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got engaged after dating for two months. Chopra is 36 years old and Jonas is 25 years old. The 11 year age gap apparently had no effect on the two connecting and falling in love.

And it’s not just celebs who are flipping the norm. I even know a few people who’s parents are ten years apart, and their mom is the one who is older than their dad.

It’s wonderful to see women be proud of who they are and take a stand for themselves by continuing to not accept gender norms as a mandatory path to be walked in life.

By turning things upside down we in turn forge a new path for ourselves, one that supports women in their quest to solidify a new normal when it comes to society’s idea of gender roles.