Reasons Why You’re Not Sleeping Well

We all have restless nights where we aren’t sleeping well. Whether you’re up all night tossing and turning, or finding it hard to stay asleep, here are a few reasons as to why you might be having trouble getting some shut eye.

You’re exercising at night

Some exercises like taking a nice stroll around the block or doing calming yoga can actually help you sleep better, but getting into a heart-pounding cardio routine just before bed might be the reason why you’re having trouble sleeping. Always make sure your workouts are completed a good three hours before going to bed. That way your body can calm down and prepare for rest.

Too much caffeine

Drinking caffeinated drinks just before bed can cause you to feel awake and ready for the day…err night? Caffeine can help you feel energized so drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea before bed might make it difficult to fall asleep. For some it can relax them but if you are sensitive to caffeinated drinks, it’s best to stay away from them a good five hours before going to bed.

Stress and worry

Are you stressed out or having anxiety over something going on in your life? Carrying the weight of stress can hinder your ability to get a peaceful night’s rest, especially if you are having anxiety about something. Try talking to a friend or therapist about what is causing you so much stress to see if there is something you can to do calm you down.

Eating snacks before bed

Eating too many snacks, especially ones loaded with fat and protein, might be a reason for restless sleep. When you send your digestive system into overdrive late at night it can cause heartburn and make you uncomfortable. Keep away from junk food and only snack on things that are easy to digest. The best rule to follow is to stop eating two hours before bed so your digestive tract can calm down and not cause discomfort.