New Dating Trend Baits All The Fish In The Sea

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of online dating. I’ve even written a few articles about why I won’t create a Plenty of Fish profile, or any other profile for that matter.

In my opinion, dating is hard enough these days without adding online profiles to the mix. It’s too easy to pose as someone you’re not all in the hopes of catching someone’s eye.

And wouldn’t you know there’s a new online dating trend that hopes to bait every possible prospect. It’s called fishing, and it’s basically exactly that.

When someone goes fishing, what they are essentially doing is attempting to match with any and everyone to then have their pick of the litter of who they want to pursue.

It’s like casting a wide net and keeping the ones that spark interest. From there fishers serial date their prospects as they narrow down their favorites.

I guess the last one standing can really say they are quite the catch.

But to make matters worse, fishers will even go as far as to message people they are trying to match with. They will then wait to see who all responds before making their choice on who to date.

Fishing is basically the very issue I’ve always had when it comes to online dating, it’s too easy to not make a commitment because there is always the possibility something better will come along.

The sad part is with all this fishing going on, what on earth does that do for someone’s self esteem?

The person fishing obviously gets a nice stroke to their ego since they are in control of the game, but for the people on the other end who think this person is reaching out to get to know them and has good intentions, it can be a cruel way to find out they really aren’t that interested after all.

I know for some people online dating works, and not everyone will be out there fishing away, but nevertheless I still have no plans to venture into the online dating world.

And for those who are online, you can spot a fisher by looking out for generic messages received late at night and slow reply times. By using your best judgement you’ll be able to tell if someone is being genuine, or just trying to bait you hook, line, and sinker.