Article originally published on Girfriends Galore AZ Blog.

Aromatherapy and Your Busy LifeThe idea that aroma is used to create healing and positive emotions has always been known, but in our busy day-to-day lives, we may have forgotten just how healing it is. Aromatherapy by definition is to find the special scents that are unique to each person, that provide positive feelings and emotions and bring back memories from a time when you felt safe, or warm, or even how you felt as a small child, a teenager, or that first hug with your new baby.

Aromatherapy has become a lost art in many ways. We walk in to department stores, drug stores, specialty shops and are immediately overwhelmed with the smells – and everyone is marketing their own “brand of smell”.  Many of the synthetic perfumes and oils are not only hazardous to you but to our environment as well.

But, how many times have you hugged someone and were immediately reminded of someone you love or the whiff of a scented candle that brought back memories of grandma baking cookies in the kitchen. How about the aroma when you’re walking through a garden of flowers – how that scent made you feel at that moment.

Today as in days gone by, there is a way that we can introduce those scents back in to our everyday lives providing relaxation, invigoration, balance, romance and the list goes on.  Through botanical aromatherapy oils, we can regain that balance and inner harmony.

Aromatherapy is a word we see everywhere today, but true aromatherapy is science and art combined. The art is in blending the scents and oils to create the exact combination, enhancing the oils into a synergistic blend. An aromatherapist also uses science to create that perfect blend for its therapeutic properties.

Aromatherapy and Your Busy LifeEssential oils are used in many ways including: massage oils, spray mists, diffusers, body creams or in the bathtub.

Subtle aromatherapy is also used in:

•  Meditation

•  Reiki

•  Healing sessions

•  Chakra balancing

•  Distance healing

One of the most common oils is lavender, known to give calm and balance. Lavendar is effective for sleep and is even recommended to spray on bed sheets before settling in for the night. Lavendar is also excellent to use directly on your skin for burns, cuts and even Aromatherapybreakouts. Lavendar, in a mist form is also wonderful as a facial mist.  It provides relaxation and a soothing sense of peace.

Looking for that scent that provides feelings of joy and happiness and is a wonderful oil for the kitchen – look no further than Citrus oils.  And for that pick-me-up while working out – try Peppermint oil in a mist form as well.

Be sure to look for experienced and recommended aromatherapists when you go out to seek out that wonderful fragrance you’ve been looking for!