Why You Should Build a Personal Brand Before Launching a Business

It seems like everywhere you go; someone is launching a business. The drive, determination, and passion behind each venture are admirable, but it takes more than an idea and website to be successful.

As a millennial growing up in the digital age, I’ve learned first-hand the importance of a strong personal brand. All through college, I was taught the importance of creating a positive and powerful reputation for myself that communicates my skills, personality, and values.

Today, as a young entrepreneur, I am grateful for those lessons as they helped me create that reputation which ultimately led to me launching my business two years ago. While the journey hasn’t been easy, there are stepping stones that allowed me to make moves that I would have otherwise not been able to make.

Establishing a personal brand before launching a business was key to my start as an entrepreneur. Taking the time to build a powerful personal brand creates a strong reputation and cult following that will back you up when you’re ready to launch your business. No matter what your idea is or isn’t, your reputation gives you authority to demand attention in the room.

Social media plays a big role in this process. Building a strong social media community can ensure your launch is positive and successful. While a large social media following doesn’t ensure sales or success, it helps build credibility that eventually will.

Remember that a personal brand goes beyond an idea or website. While your business name, product, or services can change, your personal brand is with you forever. So, take the time to build a strong foundation for what will be the mark for the rest of your career.