Five Steps to Overcome Success Guilt During a Crisis

No matter who you are or where you come from, the pandemic affected the lives of every individual around the globe. For some, however, the health and financial crisis impacted some in ways most of us will never understand. Many people lost their jobs, homes, and even lives because of the pandemic.

Shot of a young woman suffering from depression in her bedroom

Hearing those heartbreaking stories can cause people like you and me to feel bad about our position and the fact that we were afforded a different outcome. If the aftermath of the pandemic has caused you to feel success guilt, you’re not alone. While these negative emotions are not productive.

Below are five steps to overcome success guilt during a crisis.

Be aware of it

The first step to fixing any problem is being aware of it in the first place. If you know you’re feeling success guilt, take the time to meditate on that. Think about where it came from and exactly how it makes you feel. This step is key to finding a solution that can get rid of these negative and unproductive thoughts.

Talk about it

Once you have more clarity about how you feel and maybe even why you’re feeling that way, talk to someone about it. Whether it’s your partner or your therapist, talking about these feelings can help uncover even more about the issue at hand. You’ll find that having an outside voice and sounding board can have a big impact on navigating your emotions.

Limit negative influences

Many times, a lot of negative feelings and emotions come from outside sources, like news or media. If this was the case for you, consider setting a time limit on how much of that stuff you consume. It can be life-changing to avoid those things that cause more harm than good.

Practice gratitude

Success guilt comes from a place of being aware of how much you have compared to those around you, feeling like you might be unworthy of the blessing you have. One of the easiest and most effective ways to combat this is by practicing gratitude. Being grateful for the things you have can allow you to make peace with your blessings, even if they seem unfair compared to what others may (or may not) have.

Give back when you can

If you think your success is monumentally disproportionate to the rest of your community, consider giving back. By sharing your wealth or blessings, you can make the most of what you have by sharing a portion of it with others. Just think of MacKenzie Scott and how she’s sharing her fortune with nonprofit organizations across the country.

Remember that dealing with success guilt takes time and effort. You deserve to have everything you have and more. The moment you agree with me is the moment you’ll liberate yourself from the negative emotions that hold us back.