Five Ways Motherhood Keeps Me Motivated

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It’s full of joy, love, and endless learning opportunities. While it comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations, there’s nothing quite like having a little human look up to you and call you ‘mom’.

Motherhood has many benefits, but one of the main ones for me is the fact that it keeps me motivated. Below are five ways motherhood keeps me motivated.

Keeps me accountable

As moms, we’re bound to make mistakes. Lots of them. That’s ok. Mistakes happen and there’s always a learning opportunity that comes along with them. The key here is taking responsibility for those mistakes. Too often, we like to blame others or the world for what happened. As a mom, accountability is critical, and being aware of those actions keeps me motivated to always do better.

Gets me out of my comfort zone

As an introvert and homebody, I like the simple things in life. If I don’t have to go out, I’d rather not do so. I’m comfortable at home and doing the things I know I can do. My daughter is the opposite. She loves the outdoors, exploring, and adventure. While I might not love a trip to the park, she inspires me to get out there and do it.

Keeps me learning

If nothing else, motherhood keeps you on your toes. Just when you think you know something; a different situation comes up that you have no idea how to control. While I likely won’t have the solution for everything, I know that I can find tools and resources to equip me with those insights. There’s always a learning opportunity when you’re a mom.

Keeps me focused

I’ve never prioritized time as much as I do now as a mom. I know that time is of the essence, so making the best out of every situation is essential. I live by to-do lists and maximize my efforts wherever possible. There’s no time to waste.

Boosts my self-awareness

Since becoming a mom almost a decade ago, my self-awareness has gone through the roof. As my experience with motherhood grows, so does my ability to feel my feelings and assess my thoughts. Being self-aware allows me to not only respect my feelings but, when appropriate, take the right steps to solve those issues.