My Biggest Takeaway Since Becoming a Work from Home Mom

Becoming a mom has been the biggest life change I’ll ever go through. It’s taught me selflessness, dedication, and patience like no other responsibility ever will. Motherhood has also taught me the importance of listening to my gut.

While there are countless books, podcasts, and resources on the right and wrong way to parent, nothing will ever feel as right and fulfilling as listening to your inner voice. It was that inner voice that helped me discover the biggest takeaway since becoming a work from home mom.

Having the flexibility to be with my daughter whenever needed was one of the main reasons I decided to become an entrepreneur. The 9 to 5 work schedules kept me from being with my daughter for things like after school pick up and school breaks.

Two years into my entrepreneur journey, I’ve realized being a present mom doesn’t mean spending every waking second with my daughter. Being a work from home parent is no joke. As if balancing work, life, and self wasn’t hard enough, try doing them all at the same time while a 7-year-old asks for snacks all day.

This summer, I had a breakthrough. I realized that in order for my daughter to be happy and fulfilled, she had to be raised by a happy and fulfilled mom. While I was working from home and available to my daughter 24/7, I wasn’t happy, fulfilled, or present. It’s time for a change.

Young adult mother sitting in an armchair in her bedroom, holding her three month old baby son in her arms and looking down at him smiling, vertical

As grateful as I am to even have the opportunity to spend time with my daughter while she’s out of school, I know how important it is for me to live my truth.

As this summer comes to an end and back to school madness starts, I’m going in with a fresh mindset and new boundaries. This year, I’m putting my passions and values at the forefront. While I still plan to spend quality time with my daughter, I plan to focus on the quality of our interactions instead of the quantity of time spent together.

If you’re a work from home mom struggling to find the balance between self and family, I highly suggest reevaluating your circumstances. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I happy? What does an ideal day look like for me? How would my family benefit from me living a happier and more fulfilled life?

Once you have the answer to those questions, it’s time to make some changes. Just because something worked for you six months ago doesn’t mean it’s the best approach now. Small changes now can make huge impacts in the future.