The Only App I Use to Get All My Business Ideas Organized

Since launching my business almost two years ago, I’ve tried countless apps, notebooks, and other tools to get organized. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I would constantly find myself writing my ideas down on anything I could find, only to never come across those brainstorming sessions again.

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I learned about the site and app Milanote from a fellow entrepreneur after she went through her organization struggles. I have to admit that it took me over a year to get in the habit of inputting my ideas into the interactive website. However, now, it’s become my go-to for brainstorming, organization, and systems for my business.

Milanote is an online organization tool that helps you break down ideas into visual steps. Whether you’re looking for an app to keep your inspirations in one place, or to completely help you organize all your business ideas, Milanote is the only app you need. Below are some of my favorite features of Milanote.

It’s free

As a small business owner, I love taking advantage of free tools. Whether it’s Asana for task management or Grammarly for editing, free tools can make a difference in the efficiency and overall procedures of your business.

The free version offers limited space, but their referral program allows you to easily earn extra space. You can also upgrade to their monthly membership and take advantage of unlimited space for only $9.99 per month.

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It’s easy to use

While I love technology, I like to keep things simple when it comes to the tools I use. Milanote definitely checks that criteria. White dozens of video walkthroughs on YouTube, and clear step by step instructions, Milanote is simple and effective.

I highly recommend reading a few articles or watching a few short video walkthroughs before emerging on the app. Simply starting can feel daunting and overwhelming, so do your research first.

It’s visual

As a creative entrepreneur, I work best with visual aids to help keep me organized and on track. I like to stay inspired and motivated with images, quotes, checklists, and notes. Milanote is the one-stop-shop for all these needs.

Adding images, to-do’s, and notes are as easy as dragging and dropping features into each board. Trust me, your visual and organized self will thank you for giving Milanote a try.