Finding a workout buddy that is perfect for you is probably one of the most challenging things you’ll ever have to go through. I have been through the ringer with workout companions, and finally I have found someone so perfect for me!

dlWe have all had the workout buddy who was extremely competitive which is healthy at times, but they constantly want to make every exercise a competition. My fitness pal encourages me, and the competition drives me even more at times. This is a natural occurrence that happens when I see her complete more sets, run that extra mile, or even choose a heavier weight. This type of competition can increase the intensity of your workout, but only if it is healthy and beneficial to you.

Always choose someone you are comfortable with! When we exercise, we can be gasping for air at times and dripping sweat. It helps to have someone who will not judge you, but motivate you to persevere through that workout. We have experienced those buddies who are judgmental, and in the end you feel ashamed. The moment this occurs, leave that relationship. The only way someone can progress is through a nurturing environment, but when someone feels uncomfortable in any way, the workout will be lost as well as your self-esteem.

Silence is a virtue. Sometimes when exercising, it is best to not speak. There are certain activities where it is very much welcomed to maintain a conversation. This depends on the overall intensity, speed, and resistance of the workout. I personally do not like to talk during cardio exercises, and most of my strength training. In between sets, or if I am cooling down from my workout then I will talk to my fitness pal. This is a personal issue for so many people. This truly depends on personality. Some people could find it offensive if you put on your headphones and run on the treadmill without saying a word, but others could appreciate it. Vice versa, there are people who would be just as thoffended if someone were to talk to them as they are running, because it could hinder their performance.

Essentially, find someone who motivates you, challenges you, respects you, and someone who isn’t afraid of change. This could take some time to find the right person for YOU, but when determined we achieve our goals. So, have no fear ladies! Get out there, and find that friend who inspires you to work towards a healthier you!