How to Establish New Routines for Post-Pandemic Success

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than one year since the pandemic completely changed our lives. For many of us, quarantine and social distancing have made it hard to find the motivation to return to life post-pandemic. Whether it’s our old work habits or workout routines, establishing those routines can help us find post-pandemic success.

Below are five ways to establish new routines for post-pandemic success.

Set priorities

While many of us want to wake up one day and completely change our routines and lifestyle choices, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. We have to prioritize and take baby steps toward achieving meaningful goals and establishing strong routines. Take the time to decide what your priorities are and focus on one at a time while you work to establish new routines.

Set small goals

If you struggle to meet your goals, try setting smaller, more achievable ones. Starting small can help you build strong habits without discouraging you. Think about what small thing you can do today that can set you up to be a successful individual tomorrow. Don’t forget to write them down and keep track of your progress.

Think about your why

Every time you find yourself struggling to find the motivation you need to do that small task that’ll help you establish your goal, think about your why. Whether it’s your family, your need to pay the bills, or your passion for your business. Keeping that reason handy can help push you to get the task done.

Overcome resistance

Many times, all it takes for us to move forward and complete a task is to overcome resistance. This means that you decide that at that moment, you will not let your indecisiveness, laziness, or lack of motivation get in the way of you doing what’s best for you. It really is as simple as deciding that you’ll do it, and then, just do it. Day in and day out.

Reward yourself

Just like receiving a gold star after getting a good grade on your 3rd-grade test, rewards are meant to keep you motivated and inspired. They’re meant to acknowledge you and your hard work. When you establish a new routine, don’t forget to reward yourself. This can be anything from a fancy dinner to a new pair of jeans. You decide.