Celebrate Self Improvement Month by Trying One of These Ideas

September is Self-Improvement Month, an annual reminder to reflect on our accomplishments throughout the year while identifying areas of improvement moving forward. Unlike New Year’s Resolutions, these efforts are usually scaled-down and brief, making them more accessible to the average goal-setter. Self-improvement comes in many forms and functions, including mental, spiritual, and physical practices.

Focusing on your personal development can create a significant impact on your well-being. Below are five simple ways to celebrate Self Improvement Month.

Commit to one healthy habit

While on single change can seem insignificant compared to the efforts it takes to build a healthy lifestyle, one healthy habit is all it takes to create a domino effect. Choose one habit that is easy enough to stick to but impactful enough to help you build the momentum you need for a healthier life. Consider walking daily, drinking more water, or working out for one month. You’ll be surprised by how impactful one habit can be.

Create a vision board with goals

One of the six human needs is growth, the desire to be better and evolve. A foolproof way to maintain growth is to set goals and frequently check in on them. There are countless ways to document your goals, but nothing is more effective for my visual brain than a vision board. Once complete, place your vision board where you will see it daily. It will serve as a reminder to keep making progress.

Start a journal

Like any other habit, journaling can be a tough one to build. However, once you do, you’ll realize why so many people use this method to clear their minds, decrease stress, and overcome trauma. Journaling can help you identify what your biggest roadblocks are.

Declutter and get organized

You can’t work on your personal development when you have mental and physical clutter taking up valuable space and energy. Sometimes, self-improvement can be as simple as cleaning your work area, organizing your inventory, or clearing your inbox.

Volunteer in your community

There are many benefits to volunteering. By contributing their time and talents, volunteers make a difference in the communities they serve, impacting the lives of children, families, and individuals. While there is no monetary transaction, volunteers walk away with a new perspective, energy, and motivation, a great way to boost your confidence and promote self-improvement throughout the month.