people.talking.Want to know how to communicate when you’re angry? The answer is simple…don’t. When you feel your chest burning, throat tightening, and head exploding with thoughts that you want to say… say NOTHING. At least not quite yet! In order to communicate better with one another, it’s important to find the right time, right setting, and right way to express your thoughts.

Did your friend, spouse, or co worker say something that rubbed you the wrong way? Try waiting 48 hours before speaking to them about it. After 2 days, you may realize you are no longer angry about what was said. And if you find yourself still thinking about the confrontation then at least some of that initial anger has worn off and you will be able to communicate in a calmer manner.

It’s important to communicate when you and your partner are actually free. Choose a time when neither of you can be interrupted by other obligations. Turn the television off, put your phone on silent and hide all electronics under a pillow. Having a face to face conversation with no distractions will make your conversation more real and personal.

BE HONEST. Easier said than done, right? Make sure you say everything you need to say. You don’t want to leave the conversation and 30 minutes later think of something you wish you had said. The advice I give all my friends is to write their thoughts down. In the 48 hours you have to think, write down everything you want to address with the other person. Make sure your thoughts are clear so that your communication with the other person is clear.

Now… take these few tips and go communicate. But remember, don’t confront someone over a bunch of things when you are only really upset about one thing!