Foods To Get Your Summer Body Ready

The kids are out of school and vacation season is here. It’s time to get out your bikini and head to the beach.

Weather you’re hard at work in the gym, or finding the busy school year took its toll on you and your gym routine, here are some foods that will help you feel ready to hit the water.


Bananas are high in potassium which helps flush the body of sodium and water. We all know sodium and water weight can make you feel bloated, and bananas help fight the bloat.


This pretty vegetable is high in detoxifiers called betalains which help flush out the liver. If a beach party is on the horizon with piña coladas, beets will help your liver detox the body from the alcohol.

Green tea

Green tea is said to have an abundance of healthy properties like antioxidants and detoxifiers. But what people really love about this ancient Chinese remedy is green tea has fat burning properties as well. It also helps control hunger and blood sugar.

Lemon water

Water is an essential part of an everyday diet because not only does it keep you hydrated, but it helps flush out the system as well. Limonene is found in lemons which help move along slow bowels. Not only will lemons help detox your intestines, it will also improve your complexion. By staying hydrated your body will also not hold on to excess water which makes most feel bloated from water weight.


Apples help keep your metabolism going strong while providing you with a dose of fiber. Snacking on apple slices are a great way to keep your summer body ready for the beach.


For those who struggle with occasional constipation, you may feel bloated and shy away from slipping into a swimsuit. Kiwis help move bowls along since they are packed with fiber. Eating two kiwis a day has shown to help regulate the system, according to Eat This.

Eating a balanced diet and working in a daily exercise routine not only keeps your mind healthy, but your body healthy, too. But for some extra help consider incorporating these power-packed foods into your diet.

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