Stop The Fear And Embrace Being Fabulous

Who do you know that is fabulous?

Is it someone on TV or in a movie? Perhaps it’s someone you know who always seems to have on the best outfit, or knows the perfect thing to say.

She’s smart, sexy, fun, and people love her. You can’t help but feel that ping of jealousy because she makes it look effortless. Surely you don’t belong to whatever club she’s joined.

It’s normal to see women who seem to have it all together and quietly compare yourself to them. We have been conditioned to do it unconsciously from a very young age. They must have something we don’t, right?

Not necessarily. At some point they made it a priority to put their best foot forward, and you can bet there was some effort involved in all of that perceived perfection. They made the decision to be fabulous.

What I have found out from getting up close and personal with these beautiful creatures is they honor themselves enough to put in the time and effort to look graceful, well put together, and in control. It wasn’t luck, it was a decision.

We are all the product of our decisions. Think back to the defining moments in your life and how they shaped your self image and perception of yourself.

There are thousands of books dedicated to the topic of self-esteem, the subconscious, and the universal law that we attract what we think about. It’s a fascinating science, and I am a big fan.

The best news in the world is that anytime you decide to step up your game, you can. It may take some training, thought, time, money, energy and help, but you can do it.

No one can stop you from being fabulous except you and your current set of excuses and rationalizations. So go for it, get out of your own way, and take the steps necessary to own your awesomeness.

Once you make the decision, the tools and resources will appear.

Tony Robbins describes a breakthrough as a “Moment in time where the impossible becomes possible.”  I say, “When the pain of staying the same is greater than the effort to change, something amazing happens.”

It is possible to become the fabulous version of you. You don’t have to lose your integrity, morals, character, or dignity, you just have to decide that you are ready, and that you are worth it.

Cheers to the choice to rise above the mediocrity that we have convinced ourselves is normal. You, my darling, deserve to be part of the club.

Cheers to a fabulous you!