The Power of Soul Tracing and Past Life Regression

Most of us have had a certain feeling or phobia in life that may make no sense at all.  We don’t understand or can’t explain why we feel a certain way. In this life, I have a fear of heights. I have never fallen from anything high up and yet I am terrified.

When I stand on a mountainside and look down, I am fine with the view as long as it is not a sharp drop off. I feel okay with a gradual decline. If I am on a sharp drop off and looking straight down, my legs begin to shake, and I get freaked out and have to pull back. So, I do not stand close to edges or windows that are over two stories.

I wanted to see if I could get some insight as to why I had this particular fear of heights in my life. I was open to trying some different techniques and to see if I could get some understanding.

Most people call this “past life regressions.” I call it, “Soul Tracing.” We only live ONE life… an eternal life. Each life is like a second in a minute or a minute in the hour. We are eternal beings.

I started doing past life regressions and wanted to see if I could saunter down SoulScape Lane and get some insight. I had no idea what I was looking for and would just keep going to different life experiences and looking at it without getting much information. Because I had no parameters, I did not gain any insight.

I asked my Master Guide, CHI, if there was anything that I could do to become more effective and get some information. He said, “Since we are Eternal beings, let’s get a target of discovery and then Soul trace.” With the parameters of having a “target,” I wanted to know what lifetime I may have lived where it caused me to be afraid of heights. That was my target.

I now knew the vibe of information that I was looking for. As I began my Soul Tracing meditation now with a target experience in my Soul, I dropped into a life in the 1930s where I was a man working on a forty-story building. I was walking on one of the metal beams and there was a large bolt from a rivet laying on the beam. I did not see it until I stepped, and I slipped and fell forty stories to my death. That clicked with me and helped me to understand my fear of heights.

I have more comfort with heights with this realization, but I did not completely let the fear go. It feels great to know there was a reason for the fear that I had my whole life. The insight that I gained helped me to live in the moment and to accept myself as I am.

I have realized that a lot of us live in or with the fear of the unknown. When we can gain some insight, we begin to live life with empowerment. I am discovering more and more of who I am and my place within the Universe. I am right where I am supposed to be. When you decide to experiment with Soul Tracing, pick a target that you have a relationship within this lifetime. You will gain a lot of validations and discoveries about your life.