The Soil of Creation and Universal Laws

There are Natural Laws that exist within this Universe and any Natural Law is never selective of itself. Just like Earth has its own natural conditions, such as gravity that keeps you grounded and oxygen providing a breath of life, the Universe has its own natural laws. Whether you are aware of these or not, you are still using them.

For instance, there is a Natural Law of Deliberate Creation. This law is like the soil in the ground. That soil does NOT question anything about the person using the soil. It does not question what kind of a person you are, what color, happy or sad, good or bad. That soil (Natural Law) does not question what kind of seed you are planting. If you are planting that seed in the soil, you MUST want it to grow or you would not be planting the seed in your SoulScape of creation.

The seemingly empty space in front of you and all around you is pure Universal Soil. Every thought you have is a seed you are planting in the Cosmic Soil and your attention to those seeds (thoughts) are what waters them. If you take your attention away and do not water the seeds, they will lessen their power or delete themselves from your life experience.

Every seed (thought) that you plant, ALREADY has the full blueprint of manifestation of what’s in that seed or it would not grow. The apple seeds bring you apples and lemon seeds bring you lemons. Think more of the thoughts that you DO want in your life, rather than what you don’t want because you will get it! Allow your dreams to grow in power and co-creation with this Natural Law of Deliberate Creation.

Portrait of relaxed pretty thoughtful pondering minded beautiful stunning clever smart creative inspired entrepreneur dreaming about weekend and vacation don't want to work sitting at the table

This is how I read for people as a Psychic Medium. I see many aspects of the growing process of life, from seeds to harvest of what they are manifesting in their life experience.

Your ability to create a better life is within you and will manifest in your outer experiences. If you will plant the seeds of consciousness of the life experience that you want and get out of the way and let the Universal soil grow to work to manifest more of what you do want in life, it will become smoother and more validating on a day to day basis and nourish your soul.

You need to know that this stuff of planting the seeds of consciousness is real. What fruits are you harvesting from the life that is mirroring your thoughts of creation? You will reap what you plant and get some validations along the way that there is something to this farming of your SoulScape of experience.

It’s time to harvest the power of your thoughts and create a whole new life of experiences and fun. As you co-create with the Universe and see day to day manifestations of what you think and the life you live, then it becomes more real and empowering.

Your new life of experiences is just a thought away. Plant the seeds and watch the Universe work its magic and you will live life!