Three Things to Consider When Buying New Swimwear

Summer is here, and with it come family barbecues, countless pool days, and if you’re lucky enough, beach getaways. One of the most common purchases to kick off summer is new swimwear for the season.

New colors, styles, and cuts are introduced every year, but there are more things to consider than just the new trendy pattern of the season. While shopping for swimwear can be a vulnerable time for many, it can also be an empowering experience for some.

Below are three things to consider when buying new swimwear this summer.

Is it comfortable?

Just because it’s flattering doesn’t mean it’s ideal. Ensuring your bathing suit is comfortable is key to a successful purchase. I mean, a pleasing two-piece can only get you so far.

Summer days are long, and there’s nothing worse than dealing with bottoms rising up, tops falling down, and parts not staying put. Make sure your next purchase is one you can feel good about wearing all day long.

Does it have SPF?

Sunscreen is finally getting the attention it should have had decades ago. However, SPF protection should be sought after in more than just a bottle. Many swimwear brands are now creating pieces with SPF included. Yes, this means your skin will have an extra layer of protection even after applying sunscreen.

While not all brands offer this, brands that do will indicate it in the tag. You can also keep an eye out in the item’s description when online shopping.

Does it make you feel good?

While you’ll usually be encouraged to shop for swimwear based on your body type, I disagree. I believe that one of the most important qualities when getting dressed is confidence. So, whether you’re thin and choose to wear a one piece, or plus size and opt for a two-piece, wear what makes you feel good.

One of the best ways to find your suitable style is to try things on. Don’t be afraid to try things you’ve never tried before. Think outside of the box and go out of your comfort zone for a bit. Remember that it’s only you in the dressing room, and your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.