How to Navigate Uncertainty as an Entrepreneur

It’s no secret we’re living through unprecedented times. There seems to be no type of certainty in any aspect of our lives. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, every day is a web of uncertainty and vagueness. Nevertheless, I know that working through times of doubt and uncertainty are essential to make it out better than we came in.

Millions of small businesses across the world are currently struggling with navigating the uncertainty this pandemic has caused. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs currently dealing with these issues, it’s time to take charge of the situation and keep your business alive below are four ways to navigate uncertainty as an entrepreneur.

Work on your why

If you’re finding it hard to find purpose in what you’re doing while the world seems to be upside down, it might be time to reconnect with your why. With time, our needs, passions, and values change, which means your purpose and why could change as well. Take some time to reevaluate your company’s mission statement and see if there’s any room for improvement. Working on your why can help you understand why you do what you do. Ultimately leading to more energized, driven, and enthusiastic work.

Find faith in flexibility

If you’re used to following a precise schedule, calendar, and to-do list, you might be finding it extra hard to work through these uncertain times. It’s tough to go from routine to unclear overnight. Your clients might not be booking appointments, sales might not be coming through, or you might have had to close your doors temporarily. Flexibility is more important than ever. Staying faithful and flexible is essential. Have enough faith to know everything will work out and be flexible enough to pave new roads on your entrepreneurship journey.

Celebrate change

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly told to embrace change. Whether it’s for better or worse, change is the one thing we can always count on, so embracing it is crucial to success. Of course, once we find something we’re content with, we want it to stay that way forever. Today, circumstances are changing daily, so celebrating change can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Pivot with precaution

Change can come in all shapes and sizes. In business, change can be something as subtle as offering curbside pickup, or as drastic as closing a retail location to only sell online. Whether it’s a big or small pivot, it’s essential to stay true to you and your brand. Take the time to go through a list of pros and cons for every scenario. Emotions can run high during a time of change as drastic as the one we’re living through right now, so remember to proceed with precaution.