Simple Tricks to Make Getting Ready Faster Every Day

If you’re anything like me, then you’re constantly looking for tips and hacks on saving time on everyday routines. For me, my morning routine is a critical part of my day. It lays the foundation for what I can expect for the next 12-18 hours, so making the best of it is essential. That’s why saving time getting ready is so important.

A minute saved is a minute earned when it comes to my morning routines. While I like saving time, I also like to ensure I’m investing time to look and feel my best throughout the rest of the day. I like to think I’ve mastered this technique. Below are my simple tricks to make getting ready faster every day.

Wash and style your hair on Sundays

I know that many women feel the need to wash their hair daily, so I’m here to praise the life-changing magic of stopping that habit. I’ve been washing my hair only once a week for a few years now, and I can’t imagine ever going back to washing it daily. I save so much time, money, and energy by doing so, and it’s one of my favorite hacks for a put-together look without the daily hassle. I wash and style my hair on Sundays and simply brush it every day to tame some strands.

Keep your makeup simple

I’m a big believer that makeup should enhance our beauty without changing who we are naturally. For me, this means simple makeup with basic products. Of course, I love my foundation and bronzer. A good eyebrow pencil and eyeliner can also go a long way. With some practice, you can get your daily makeup routine down to even 15 minutes. A little goes a long way when it comes to a simple makeup routine.

Lay out your outfit the night before

If you tend to stand in front of your closet for 15 minutes only to hate what you picked out, you can probably benefit from laying out your outfit the night before. Not only will doing so save you the time from doing it in the morning, but you’ll also find yourself more relaxed knowing you don’t have to make the decision. I’ve found that when I pick out my outfits the night before, I rarely change out of them. It’s almost like creating a commitment you can’t allow yourself to get out of.

Streamline your routine

You know you’ve established a habit when you do things without thinking about it. For example, as soon as I wake up, I roll out of bed, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Everyday. Without ever checking a list or thinking about it. Similarly, streamlining your morning routine should be effortless and consistent. The more you do things in a similar order, the less you’ll have to think and worry about it, and the more time you’ll save daily.