Five Ways to Build Self-Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities for an entrepreneur to succeed. Sure, you need a good business idea and maybe funding to get you off the ground. But to really succeed, I mean, the long-term plan, you need to believe in yourself even when nobody else does.

If you think self-confidence is something some of us are born with and you weren’t one of the lucky ones, you’re wrong. Self-confidence is a skill we develop over time, and yes, it’s something you can build yourself. Below are five ways to build self-confidence as an entrepreneur.

Believe in your WHY

When you’re clear on your vision and mission for your business, there’s nothing that can stand in your way. As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely hear a lot more no’s than you signed up for, which can sometimes lead to low self-esteem. When you believe in your why, no amount of no’s can stop you.

Celebrate your wins

I’m a big fan of celebrating your wins. As a busy mompreneur, I often don’t, and it tends to show in my confidence over time. By celebrating your wins, you’re reminding yourself of how far you’ve already come. You’re reaffirming what you’re capable of, and you’re boosting your self-esteem in the process. You’ve done more than you give yourself credit for, so celebrate it!

Keep learning

I love continued education. No matter your industry or expertise level, there’s always room for improvement. When you prioritize continued learning as an entrepreneur, you’re choosing to continuously improve yourself, leading to boosting self-confidence. Trust me, none of us are perfect, and we can all use some new lessons from time to time.

Find a mentor

As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time by ourselves (A LOT!). While someone in a corporate setting might have a manager or supervisor, they could consider a “mentor”, entrepreneurs are left needing to find that person themselves. Having a mentor is great because they help you see things you might now always acknowledge. They bring expertise that can boost your confidence and chances of success.

Step out of your comfort zone

Spending excessive time alone usually means getting into your head a lot. Overthinking things and eventually not doing them in fear of failure. By choosing to step out of your comfort zone, you’re pushing yourself to test what you’re capable of. Once you see how easy it was, your confidence will go through the roof. So, get out there (safely), and see what you’re made of.