The Importance of Having A Mentor to Help Grow Your Business

Mentors seem to be a hot topic in the business community lately. In simple terms, a mentor is a trusted advisor who is known to share guidance, motivation, and support to its often less experienced mentee. If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or a creative looking to start a side hustle, a mentor is something you should highly consider.

Whether you’re looking for guidance in a big project or would like some feedback from an experienced professional, a mentor can do that. Below are three reasons having a mentor can help you grow your business.

Help you avoid mistakes

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Learning from other’s mistakes can save your years of hard work and failures throughout your journey. Since mentors are usually in the same field you’re perusing, they have valuable insight as to what mistakes to avoid.

While not everyone’s journey is the same, there are countless things you can learn from by simply having a trusted advisor on your side.

Help you set goals

I work well under pressure, goals, and timelines. Since becoming an entrepreneur, this has been one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Not having someone to assign tasks and monitor projects can prolong projects for months at a time. A mentor can become that professional you look up to.

While you won’t be getting the micromanaging side of a boss, you’ll have someone to set goals with and check in with regularly. Keeping you on track to building a profitable and successful business.

Help you think big

One of my biggest weaknesses is failing to see my full potential. I tend to play it safe in fear that I won’t reach risky goals. A mentor can be the motivation you need to stop playing small and get you thinking outside the box.

Having an outside perspective is crucial to moving your business forward. Meetings with my mentor always lead to bigger ideas, challenging tasks, and exciting projects.