The One Thing That Could Sabotage Your Business


As a transformational coach, I work on helping people see and achieve their full potential in their personal life and in business. In a world full of filtered content, I remind people in order to create success in your business you must be authentic.

If you’re a successful business owner looking to create long-term sustainable success, you need to avoid teaching a topic you’ve not mastered.

For instance, in the coaching industry, I’ve seen so many coaches talk about how to have 5-figure months when they’ve only had one, or how to manifest money while they’re living at home with their parents.

The most important thing is to walk your talk. If you’re not having consistent 5-figure months, then don’t try to teach others how to. If you haven’t manifested the money and you’re struggling financially, please don’t sell yourself as an income expert.

Instead, be authentic, honor where you are, and teach what you’ve mastered.

I’ve seen far too many businesses and mentors who are not walking their talk. Here’s the truth, people know when you’re being real because they can feel it.

If you’re a potential client looking to hire a coach or mentor and you’re having a hard time choosing one, don’t forget to look at their testimonials. Although most people are not going to post a poor testimonial, reading them is a good place to start.

Ask them how many years they’ve been in business. Sometimes there are people out there who just wake up and say, “I’m going to coach on X.” They create a landing page and start posting on social media when honestly they don’t have any experience or clue about what they’re doing. In many cases, they’ve never even received coaching.

Listen to the stories they tell on their website, print on their marketing tools, and speak about in their free training classes. A lot of the stories I share, without even telling the listener that I’ve been in the coaching industry for over seven years, are indicative of my level of coaching due to my experience.

If the stories consist of, “I went from $300 a month to 5-figures in one month,” and they don’t talk about the process or the months they were in the negative, that’s a red flag. You’re looking for a track record and for authenticity.

There are a lot of people out there you may look at and think, “Wow! They’re making millions.” However, behind the scenes they’re barely able to pay their bills.

Do your research and make sure the coach you’re thinking about working with has mastered what they’re coaching on, and remember to always be authentic.