Beat Self-Doubt with These Easy Steps

One of the most common thoughts holding women back is self-doubt. The lack of confidence in our abilities often cripples us and keeps us from going after our wildest dreams. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your next project or a professional hoping to land a new job, beating self-doubt can make the difference between fear and success.

Shot of a young woman suffering from depression in her bedroom

If you’re struggling with self-doubt and looking for easy ways to overcome it, keep reading. Below are five easy ways to beat self-doubt.

Stop comparing yourself to others

I’ve fallen victim to comparison syndrome more times than I would hope. Social media has become a powerful resource that has the power to take over our lives if we allow it. On various platforms, people can share what they want and hold back on what they refuse to share.

These filters make it almost impossible for people to see the true hardships of everyday life. While social media has many benefits, remember to use it at your own risk. You never know what the other person is going through to get to where they’re at.

Boost your self-awareness

One of the first steps to overcome negative habits is to boost your self-awareness. By becoming self-aware, you’ll be able to pinpoint each time you’re feeling self-doubt. This is crucial because you’ll be able to identify what is causing you to have such limiting beliefs about yourself.  

Talk to your mentor


I recently talked about the importance of having a mentor to boost your business. That’s because I’ve benefited so much from my relationship with my mentor over the last few years. While there are countless benefits to having a trusted advisor, one of my favorites is getting an outside opinion on my abilities.

Mentors see a part of you that can easily be overseen from your point of view. Talk to your mentor about your limiting beliefs and see what insight they have about it.

Keep a journal

Our mind is a powerful thing. While it has the power to heal us, it also can make us sick. That’s why it’s so important to get those negative thoughts out of our mind and onto a piece of paper.

Write down all your reasons for self-doubt and why you’re feeling them. Then, write down why they’re not true, and substitute them with words that are.  

Build a tribe

As a busy mom, one of the first things to be removed from my priority list is friendships. Whether it’s networking, collaborating, or connecting, I tend to leave relationship building at the bottom of my to-do list. While it’s easy to neglect relationships, it’s important to recognize that strong ones have the power to build up your confidence.

No matter how busy you are, you can always spare time to build a tribe. Time block an hour per week to catch up with friends. Feel free to share your negative feelings and allow yourself to receive feedback.