How To Love Your Job

Raise your hand if you hate Mondays. It’s the beginning of another work week, another 40 hours spent doing the corporate grind. Rarely do you scream in excitement for the beginning of the week, but don’t worry because you are not alone.

Roughy only four in 10 people are highly engaged in their job, and Americans are quitting at the fastest pace since 2008, according to Forbes.

Even if you are ready throw in the towel, there are ways to help make your job more fun and even fall in love with it.

One way Forbes recommends people start to learn to love their job is by focusing on what they really enjoy about what they do every day.

Maybe you absolutely love who you work with, perhaps you enjoy the creative side to your job tasks, or maybe you look forward to being the one who presents new products at meetings.

Whatever it is learn to focus on it and you will find it helps you get through the parts of your job that maybe aren’t so fun.

If you find you are bored at work start signing up for the educational programs your company offers. Most companies offer educational seminars on their products or procedures. Sometimes these classes are even a necessary training tool you have to complete before being eligible for a promotion.

Look into taking the classes and shake things up a bit for yourself. Not only do you get to learn something new, you make yourself a desirable candidate for a promotion.

Another way to learn to love your job is to ask to participate in the tasks you enjoy doing. There is always room for one more helping hand and by volunteering to help out, you not only get yourself doing the thing you love, but you help make a name for yourself in a department you could eventually be transferred to.

There are various little ways to help make work more tolerable when you find yourself in a slump or feeling like you hate your job. Sometimes it all comes down to whether or not you’re making the most of your time there.

Get involved and put yourself in the mix of the things you enjoy doing. By doing so you not only learn to like what you are doing, but you become a more productive member of the team.