Face Masks Are the New Fashion Accessory, Here’s How to Style Them

Protective face masks have become the new fashion accessory for the last few months, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Since COVID-19 a pandemic in the Spring, the CDC and WHO have been providing guidelines for our safety and health.

Unfortunately, many of us had never worn a mask before, and getting used to going everywhere with one has been a challenge. Whether you’re a fan of masks or not, wearing one can help keep you and others healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, face masks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Finding the perfect one for you can help you style your new fashion accessory.

Add your personality

Whether you’re purchasing your masks or opting to make them yourself, there is a lot of opportunity for personalization. Stitching patterns, ironing on logos, or hand painting your masks is an easy way to make them unique and up to your standards. While we’d all love to not have to wear them, this is our new normal, so we should make the best of it and make it our own.

Match to daily outfits

protective surgical masks isolated in white background

If you want to go the extra mile, then having a variety of masks that work with your wardrobe can be a good fashion move on your end. While you don’t have to have a mask in every color and fabric, you can opt for a variety of masks in some of the primary color palette of your wardrobe. For example, I wear a lot of blacks, blues, and whites. Keeping masks handy in those colors can make my daily outfit selections much easier.

Make it effortless

Wearing a face mask can be tricky at first, but once you’ve become accustomed to it, it should be an effortless part of going out. Keep them handy and ready to wear so you’re never caught off guard. If a simple black mask is what works best with your life and style, then do that. Even the simplest masks can make your outfit stand out.

Comfort is key

While wearing face masks is something to get used to, it’s safe to say we all have different preferences. Whether you prefer elastic ear loops, tie-on masks, or neck gaiter, comfort is key. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly touching and adjusting your mask. If you’re new to the mask game like I was, I highly recommend trying different options and seeing what works best for you.