Five Items to Keep in Your Work Bag for Hybrid Work

If you’ve been working from home for the last year, it’s time to dust off your workbag, because you might be heading back to the office soon. Many companies and employers are considering the relaxed restrictions when planning their return to the office, and that means many work-from-home employees might be making a change.

That change can come in a variety of ways. For some, a hybrid work model, meaning a blend of working from home and the office, can be an option. If this is you, it’s time to consider what your day-to-day will look like, including packing for a day at the office and home. Below are five items to keep in your work bag for hybrid work.

Laptop and charger

This should go without saying, but after working from home for more than a year, packing both your laptop AND charger might be a foreign language for some. Before leaving your home for a day at the office, make sure your laptop and laptop charger are in your work bag. You probably wouldn’t be able to do any work without it.


If your work-from-home environment was fairly quiet, you probably didn’t use headphones too much. Things are always different back at the office. If you find it hard to concentrate with 10 conversations going on around you, you’ll likely need a pair. Keep a spare set in your purse. At the end of each workday, toss them back in there so you’re never caught without them.

Notebook and pen

If you’re a pen-and-paper type of notetaker, then you probably can’t be caught at a meeting without one. These items are essentials to your work bag, so you should ensure they’re always available before heading to the office. Once you’re done taking notes, make it a habit to transfer them to your laptop. That way, you always have the notes available.

USB drive

If you’re used to working on two separate devices, a USB drive might be an essential item you just can’t go through your workday without. I like to keep these smaller, yet essential items in a small pouch in my work bag. It ensures I keep everything safe and organized for the next day.


Like any other bag, a good bag of toiletries can save the day. Only you know what you need it in. For me, keeping items like a lip balm, compact mirror, and feminine products helps me feel prepared and at ease during a busy day.