power couple 2Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman have a message for the world: create and define your own relationship guidelines.

In their new book, The New Power Couple, they describe their relationship as more of a partnership similar to an operating agreement for a business.

Jocelyn explains just as it’s important to have a vision statement for a business, the same principal applies to your personal partnership.

Their story is quite inspiring. Jocelyn is a former nurse and Aaron is an engineer. Together they started a network marketing team that replaced Jocelyn’s nursing income.

They are millennials investing in real estate and start-ups. A dessert hummus company out of New York is their latest venture, and now they’re emerging as authors and speakers.

“It wasn’t love and first sight,” Jocelyn said, explaining that Aaron had called her to break it off. “I called him back in 15 seconds and told him that wasn’t going to work for me.”

Sensing Aaron was just fearful and pulling away, Jocelyn proposed they continue on with their new relationship. “His response was ‘Oh, okay,’ and we continued to date.”

Together, the two worked on their vision for financial, physical and spiritual growth, as well as their romantic relationship.

Aaron and Jocelyn had a vision in mind of a partnership that allows each of them to achieve their goals.

And after creating a method that has been successful for them, they have now chosen to share their tools for success with the rest of the world.power couple one

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Aaron and Jocelyn are writing a power couple column, sharing their perspective on changing, fixing, saving and ending relationships.

To find out more about Jocelyn and Aaron check out their website at newpowercouples.com