breastfeeding.public.women.It seems to be the talk of the town lately. People are in an uproar over women breastfeeding their children in public places. It could be a women breastfeeding on a train or a celebrity posting a picture of their child attached to their breast on social media; people are upset over getting glimpses into other’s personal lives. Because of this there is currently a debate on whether or not women should be able to breastfeed in public.

Some believe that because breastfeeding is a natural act people should be able to do it wherever they want to. If their child wont stop crying because it’s hungry, should a mother not have the right to feed him or her whenever that hunger strikes? Then there are others who express how uncomfortable it is to look over and see a woman’s breast completely exposed.

Granted, there are steps breastfeeding mothers can take in order to not fully expose themselves to the general public. But, do people really think women who are breastfeeding want the general public to be able to stare at their breasts? I don’t think so. These mothers could be just as uncomfortable breastfeeding in public as the people who are watching them do it.

Some mothers may decide to go into a private area with their child, she could even pump her milk into a bottle for her baby to drink out of, etc. Yes, there are ways mothers can breastfeed in secret… but should they have to? The question is simply if a woman should be forced to stop everything they are doing to get up and go someplace hidden to breastfeed their child. Breastfeeding isn’t just a way to feed one’s child, it is also a way to bond with one’s child. You are nurturing your newborn and sharing a special experience while doing that. Why should that be taken away from you simply because people are uncomfortable?

I understand feeling awkward while seeing a woman breastfeed her child. You may not agree with a mother’s actions but does that mean mothers shouldn’t be able to make decisions for themselves and for their child?