Raise your hand if you wish you were a mermaid.

Basically every girl’s hand should be waving in the air right now because mermaids are awesome and for some reason they are #trending! Mermaids are inspiring everything, from fashion to fitness. Who knew these half fish/half human creatures would be so popular. I liked “The Little Mermaid” just as much as anyone else, but I didn’t expect the main character to have such an impact on today’s current society.

Of course the myths of mermaids have existed long before Ariel swam onto our screen. The earliest mermaid legend was found in Syria around 1000 B.C.  So as you can see, mermaids have been #trending for quite some time now! It should come as no surprise that these “women of the sea” have inspired a new fitness trend.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier trying out a new style of swim fin in the waters of the Florida Keys.

Mermaid Fitness shows us boring humans just how much sweat goes into being an actual mermaid! Here’s how it works. The class is about 45 minutes long and you spend that time swimming and playing in the pool. Oh! And you do all of this while wearing a mermaid fin made of bathing suit material. Sound easy? Well it shouldn’t. In these very specific classes you are working out your leg muscles, abs, and arms. Swimming is already a great work out. Imagine swimming without the ability to pump and kick your legs. My quads are burning just thinking about it!

The goal of this type of class is to get people to move their body similarly to how a mermaid would. Mermaid Fitness exists to teach participants how to improve their body awareness.”We believe that true health begins in the mind and the heart with a spirit of self-love, self-acceptance and the endless courage it requires to continuously evolve. It is the aim of Mermaid Fitness™ to help you journey toward that evolution.”

So, let’s put yoga and cross fit on hold for a second. It’s summer and you deserve a fun new workout. Plus, it’s hot! And what better way to cool off than with Mermaid Fitness? Go embrace your inner mermaid!