Virtual Reality Now Used for Self-HelpVirtual Reality is a big deal in our house as our techie teenagers are awaiting for the Oculus Rift to come out. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my own virtual reality encounter. I experienced a revolutionary new product created by MindFitness which combines virtual reality and meditation, as well as hypnotism which allows people to self-help and self-heal.

Mind Fitness Lab, the creators of the Bosurgi Method System, sent me a box of VR Goggles which my Samsung Galaxy phone fit into perfectly. I simply downloaded the app on my phone and began. You sit comfortably and are given instructions before the meditations begin.

The virtual reality is a complete 360 experience. It is recommended that you sit in a comfortable position. It took me a few minutes to get used to it as I have not really experienced virtual reality before. I did find the sessions extremely relaxing and I have to say I believe that improved my clarity and focus as well. I think that a number of people, especially young adults, will enjoy the total immersion experience. I too found that I was less distracted after this process, in comparison to the traditional methods of meditation and hypnotism.

I also saw that the founder Luca Bosurgi had some pretty impressive testimonials on the website, showing that many mental health professionals are also on board as well.

The Bosurgi Method™ 10 Core Meditations include the following modules:

  1. Release anxiety and fears I
  2. Release anxiety and fears IIVirtual Reality Now Used for Self-Help
  3. Release dependency behaviors I
  4. Release dependency behaviors II
  5. Release dependency behaviors III
  6. Build framework master behavior of independence I
  7. Build framework master behavior of independence II
  8. Release self-judgment, shame, guilt and regret (self-forgiveness)
  9. Release judgment, blame, resentment, anger and pain (forgiveness others)
  10. Release anxiety and fears III

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