group.of.teenagers.For all those people out there who think the only thing teenagers do nowadays is party and have sex, you are about to be proven wrong!

According to a study published mere days ago, teenagers have more important things on their minds than sex. You are welcome parents! So the next time your daughter says she is sleeping over at a “friends” house, you should go ahead and believe her because according to an annual survey by the CDC, teenagers aren’t growing up too fast.

The study is titled “Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System,” and it surveyed about 16,000 high school students. Only 41 percent of those students admitted to having sex before. If that number sounds a little high to you then please keep in mind that the number was once 47 percent. Sex between teenagers has fallen 6 percent in the last decade and there aren’t really any clear reasons why.

I am quite frankly shocked by the decrease in numbers. Mainly because of how much sex is perpetuated in the media, it’s incredibly glorified! Movies, television shows, commercials, etc. constantly throw sex in our faces as if the act is no big deal. And it may not be for some, but we shouldn’t be teaching the younger generation that. Social media makes it hard to teach children anything but what is already out there in the media. And who exactly is on social media? Teenagers!

When I was 16 sex was all anyone could think about! But I guess times have changed, thank goodness! The drop could even be a direct result of sex being everywhere. It’s similar to teenagers and drinking. They want to do what they are told not to do because it makes it dangerous and fun. But, teenagers aren’t being told not to have sex anymore because of how common it is. Maybe it does make sense that more and more teenagers are opting out right now.

What are your thoughts?