Fun Family Activities You Should Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Fall is finally here. Temperatures are starting to drop across the country, so it’s time to start planning those fall family activities. Spending quality time with my family is one of my greatest values. It’s an opportunity for me to enjoy my favorite people in intimate and fun settings.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities to get a change of scenery or fun projects you can do at home, there are countless things to do. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your family this fall, look no further. Below are my top five recommendations of fun family activities you should add to your fall bucket list.

Build a campfire

It’s no secret I’m not much of an outdoors type. I like my intimate time indoors and bug-free. However, there’s nothing more intimate and special than sitting around a campfire with your favorite people sharing laughs, conversations, and smores. Plus, staying warm while the temperatures drop is a great bonus.

Attend a fall festival

One of the greatest joys of being a parent is being able to enjoy all your child’s school activities. Annual fall festivals are one of my favorite school events to attend with my family. There are games, activities, food, and prizes. There are several community fall festivals organized by organizations in town as well.

Go on a hike

I’ve talked about the benefits of hiking with children before. It’s amazing to see the drive and persistence of children as they strive to hike trails. The chilly weather is perfect to keep you cool without the discomfort of extreme weather conditions like summer and winter.

Pumpkin patch

If you’re lucky enough to live around a pumpkin patch, I highly recommend enjoying an evening at one. Local pumpkin patches usually offer a wide array of activities like hayrides, bouncy houses, petting zoos, food, and more.

Carve pumpkins

If you do enjoy the pumpkin patch, make sure to pick a few pumpkins to carve and display in your yard. Pumpkin carving is a family favorite in my household, and I’m sure it’ll become one in yours. You can find carving kits and lights at any of your favorite retailers.