Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Denim

Since their beginning in 1873, denim jeans have been a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Known for their comfort, versatility, and accessibility, denim apparel is a go-to staple for everyone from newborns to seniors. Almost 150 years later, denim has become part of our wardrobes and identities.

The classic apparel has seen many adaptations, and lucky us, they’re no longer just acceptable of casual Fridays. If you’re stuck in a style rut and looking for ways to upgrade your staples, you’re in luck. Below are five easy ways to dress up your denim.

Basic blazer

I’ve talked about the power of a good blazer in the past, and that’s because they work. Adding a blazer to even the most casual outfit has the power to transform an entire look from frumpy to fabulous. If you’re ever in need of a way to make your jeans acceptable for the office, just layer your look with a quality blazer and see your entire outfit come to like.

Statement shoes

Whether you’re into heels, sneakers, or flats, your shoes can easily upgrade your casual denim outfit. Shoes can add power and personality to your outfit without overdoing it. By keeping a few pairs of statement shoes in your closet, you’ll be able to dress up any denim outfit.

Amazing accessories

Never underestimate the influence of bold accessories to even the most casual look. Whether it’s your colorful crossbody bag, chandelier earrings, or unique sunglasses, a fun accessory can take your look up a notch. Feel free to be as subtle or audacious as you’d like. After all, it is your outfit.

Sassy scarf

As an Arizona girl, I was never a big fan of scarfs. I mean, the weather never really calls for the accessory anyway. However, recently I’ve become obsessed with the sophisticated touch a lightweight scarf can add to your outfit. Whether it’s tied around your neck like an ascot, or around your waist like a belt, a scarf can save the day.

Double denim

Denim on denim had been a frowned upon style choice for many years. Fortunately, it’s now become a go-to style choice of fashionistas everywhere. When in doubt, feel free to double down on denim. It looks chic, put together, and an effortless way to look like a style icon.