Skills To Teach Your Young Adult Before They Head Off To College

Sending your young adult off to college can be both an exciting but nerve-wracking time. The journey is full of learning how to be independent while still being under a semi-controlled environment that is a college campus.

For the first time your college student will be living away from home, and maybe in another state. And although it seems like a big change going from the protection of home to the adult world, there are still a lot of resources available to help them make the transition.

As parents, you can also help make the transition easier by teaching them life skills that are not part of the curriculum at school. They might be taking classes in biology while working toward a science degree, but how to pay a bill is unfortunately not part of their homework.

Here are a few things you can teach your new college student before they head off to school.

If your child will be living in an apartment off campus with roommates now is the time to teach them how to pay basic bills. Have them set up an online banking account if they don’t already have one and explain the difference between a one time payment and a reoccurring payment.

Next, show them how to set one up. This also teaches them how to keep track of their checking account balance and what the difference is between their account number and bank routing number.

If they are responsible for certain utilities, show they how to set up a utility account in their name. Explain what a notice of insufficient funds means, and how they need to pay rent and any other utilities on time when living in an apartment home.

Another thing to explain to your young adult is what the difference is between their car insurance, registration, and tag. Many schools and apartment complexes require them to show proof of being an insured driver of the vehicle in order to get a parking permit.

Explain what these documents are, why they are important, and what belongs in their vehicle at all times. And speaking of vehicle, explain the importance of getting their car serviced in order to avoid major issues due to them failing to have the oil changed.

If you child is awarded financial aid, explain how they go about accepting it and the difference between a loan and Pell grant. They should be educated on the grants they are awarded and understand how to accept any aid that’s available to them.

Starting college can feel overwhelming, but going away to school with some basic adulting skills will not only help make the transition easier on them, it will give you a peace of mind in knowing they can troubleshoot simple problems.

As parents we tend to want to do everything for them so they don’t have to worry, but in the long run this only hinders their development because they become dependent on you to do it all for them.

Instead, help your young adult mature by showing them basic skills that will only benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.