Here Are The Most Common Things Couples Complain About

Relationships are tough. There are ups and downs, and sometimes we just want to shout from the rooftop how frustrated we are when our other half is causing us what feels like insanity.

Relationships are full of give and take, sacrifice, and compromise. And every couple has their “thing” that always seems to cause an argument.

But rest assured because there are about four common things couples complain about, and you’ll probably find yourself both unsurprised and saying “Yup, sounds about right!”

Feeling micromanaged in a relationship is one common thing couples complain about. It can be easy to closely watch your significant other when it comes to them taking on a task you would otherwise be responsible for. This can range from forgetting to take out the trash to forgetting to pick the kids up from school.

When one partner tends to be responsible for most things, it can be hard for them to let go of the control and trust their partner will take of it as efficiently as they would. But overall it’s important to allow each other the chance to complete tasks to the best of their ability.

Sometimes life gets in the way and one partner might be overly focused on something that takes their attention away from their significant other. Feeling abandoned or neglected is something else couples tend to complain about.

In today’s world we have this go-go-go mentality that can cause strain on our relationships because we forget to prioritize time and energy in that direction. But it’s imperative to make sure that time is dedicated to nurturing the relationship and giving it the attention it deserves.

Speaking of prioritizing the relationship, it’s also important to make sure your partner feels like they matter and are not being dismissed, one of the common complaints in a relationship.

Feeling dismissed or that you and your worries don’t matter can cause frustration and annoyance in a relationship. It’s important that you check in with one another and hear out each other from time to time.

There is nothing worse than feeling neglected or dismissed, just like there is nothing worse than feeling unappreciated. When you go above and beyond for your partner to be met with dismissal it can be frustrating and cause resentment between you two.

Make sure you are acknowledging what each person is doing for the other, and continue to show how much you appreciate their contribution, whatever that may be.