Do you think about what you’re wearing before you leave the house? If you’re like a lot of busy women, you get up, shower and head out the door. Before you leave next time, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Does what I am wearing truly reflect who I am and what I am representing?”

After a certain age it becomes necessary – and appropriate – to forget the trendiest of trends and opt for clothes that suit our bodies. Whether you’re heading to the office or out to lunch with your friends, it’s important to portray an age-appropriate image.

At Work

Get noticed for your productivity in the workplace and not for your collection of track suits. Many offices offer a relaxed dress code with some employees opting to wear their weekend attire to the office.

Newsflash: Business casual does not equal wear your pajamas, slippers, tank tops, sneakers, flip flops, mini-skirts or denim jackets to work.

That is, of course, unless you’re starring in the remake of a John Hughes movie. If you wear it to bed, it doesn’t scream business professional and should be left in the closet on weekdays.

When you dress for work, think about the next level of job you want to achieve and dress for that. Dress pants or skirt and a blouse with flats or short heels are standard business casual attire for women. Men can wear dress pants or khakis and a golf or dress shirt. Men and women may opt for a blazer or suit jacket; it’s a nice addition to your outfit and can keep you warm if your office tends to be cold.

I recommend having business attire tailored to fit your body. You will look and feel more professional and that will get you noticed in a good way.

In Your Hair

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If your hairstyle or hair accessories are so old they are making a comeback, it’s time for something new. Both you and the style are too old – feathered hair, big hair, certain brands of hairspray popular in the 1980’s and banana clips are all on the “what not to wear” list.

  • If your child or grandchild has it in their hair, it should never be in yours. This includes pigtails, hair clips (butterfly or otherwise), ribbons and barrettes.
  • If it was popular more than a year ago, it shouldn’t be in your hair. Throw away your collection of banana clips and scrunchies that I promise are never making a comeback and treat yourself to a stylish new ‘do.
  • Cover your roots. Coloring your hair is a long-term commitment. Find a colorist who is talented to cover roots even as you’re letting your hair grow out.

Before you head to the mall to update your wardrobe engage an image consultant/transformationalist. They can help you identify clothes and colors that are comfortable and appropriate for your age, eye color and skin tone. You might be surprised at what actually looks fabulous on you!