5 Reasons Why Influencers Should Begin Blogging Now

Blogging. You have probably been told that you and your business need to begin blogging.  But why should you? What are the benefits of having a blog for your business? Here are 5 reasons why your business and brand should be creating consistent content on a blog.

Reason 1: You showcase your expertise.

When you blog, you are automatically building up an expertise for you, your brand, and your business. Many of you want to become the expert in your field and blogging is a great place to start when you’re desiring to show that you have the skills to teach others what has taken you years, time and money to learn.

Blogging is a way to be relatable, answer questions, and ultimately, begin separating yourself from your competition because you’re saying, “This is me, this is how I do it, and this is my area of genius.” Statet that claim and don’t waver from it!

Blogging makes you look more credible and reliable to people who do not know you, thus, when you blog, you build trust with people who you would have never met otherwise.

Reason 2: It allows you to explain your services more accurately.

Blogging will make you aware of delivering your content – which makes you a better speaker and coach. You are building a different way to communicate with your readers in simple, more accurate terms.

When you write, you’re actually creating a new way for you to explain your services to real people in a way they can easily understand. Gone are the days when you see the glaze covering potential client eyes when you start to explain your services!

Reason 3: Blogging drives organic traffic to your site.

When you take blogging seriously, you will see an increase in your website traffic, which exposes you to a whole new set of people, which means more people to work directly with you.

Blogging will help elevate you, your business and your confidence to begin charging more and getting paid what you’re worth. It will show people your true worth and the value you’re going to provide if they chose to work with you.
Reason 4: It gives an additional free resource to your potential clients.

Blogging creates additional resources for your current clients, potential clients, and those who are curious about what you do. You are giving these fans (or yet to be fans) a way to not only stay in touch but constantly giving them the value they deserve between sessions or between not staying in direct contact with your business.

It also nurtures the potential clients who haven’t yet pulled the trigger to work with you. This is a natural way to build rapport before making the decision to work with you.

Reason 5: Blogging can give you passive income.

Now that you’re blogging, you have a plethora of content available for you and your business. Take the content you have been constantly creating and turn it into passive income by repurposing it into an eBook, online course, or a new program. Begin to think of the many usages your blog content can give you, your brand, and your business by repurposing it into passive income (without writing original content!).

In conclusion, when you begin to blog, you bring your Influencer business to others in a powerful way. You can speak your truth, live your passion, and begin to help others you may never be able to meet in person. If you use blogging right, you can not only build your business but help others achieve their best life as well. And it all happened through the power of blogging.