Why Kids Should Be Taking Self Defense Classes

At a certain point in every child’s life the conversation about stranger danger inevitably comes up, but there is more to understanding stranger danger than simply identifying who a stranger is.

Kids need to know how to defend themselves to the best of their strength and ability while also making quick decisions on how to get away.

The debate of whether or not schools should teach self defense classes shows that many parents feel it would be beneficial for their children to be taught as part of the school’s curriculum.

While some parents feel self defense will only teach kids to solve problems with violence, others feel self defense will teach kids how to properly asses situations and be confident in keeping themselves safe.

However, some studies show that teaching self defense in schools actually helps reduce bullying while teaching self discipline, mental awareness, and confidence, according to the Odyssey.

But more importantly it teaches children how to protect themselves in a harmful situation, whether it’s bullying at school or a stranger attempting to physically harm them.

Sadly, the statistics on children and violence are staggering. Roughly 60 percent of children in the U.S. are exposed to violence or abuse in their school, community or home, and almost 40 percent of children were direct victims of violence, according to Justice.gov.

Shockingly, children are also more likely to be exposed to violent actions or crimes than adults, and exposure of such acts often lead children to suffer from PTSD, substance abuse problems, and develop violent behavior.

Children who are taught self defense take away many positives from training. They build confidence while learning how to set goals and self respect.

There is no age that dictates when children should start classes. Many instructors say that it really depends on if the child can focus during the duration of the class and is willing to participate.

Some have age requirements for safety, but children as young as 4 years old are often allowed to enroll depending on the studio and ages taught.

Whether it’s self defense or specialized skills like learning karate or jujitsu, learning what it means to feel powerful and confident is a crucial skill every child should develop.