Centric Rebrands As BET Her

Imagine having a channel for ethnic women and about women of all statures. A place where one could identify with the images being displayed on their television. As of Monday, BET’s sister channel Centric was rebranded to BET HER, and is the first billed network to focus on African-American women all hours of the day. According to Variety, the rebranding is in effort to strengthen the channel’s appeal to African-American women. The channel will not only emphasize entertainment but also target lifestyle, and culture.

Below is a recent commercial for the rebranded network. This video can be found on BET Her’s Instagram page @bethertv and on the networks website.

HER WORLD. HER WAY. #CentricTV is now #BETherTV!

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BET Her will provide a platform where African-American women can connect, empower, and embrace their uniqueness.  Senior VP of media sales Michele Thornton shared, “There isn’t one place dedicated for black women to be entertained, inspired and empowered, and the BET Her brand defines that.”

Louis Carr, BET’s President of Broadcast and Media Sales, stressed the importance of this rebranding for women in the African American community, calling it “historic”. Carr shared that, “the African American woman is an increasingly powerful, yet often overlooked consumer. No other network has embraced her with content designed specifically for her – until now.”  He went on to express how the programming will “celebrate, inspire and address her unique perspective.”

As women gather to uplift each other through culture and arts, it is with hopes that their engagement will extend past the television screen. BET CEO & Chairman Debra Lee shared, “BET’s global influence is stronger than ever and we are continuing to expand beyond the television screen to impact our audience – and the world – across multiple platforms. Lee also said, “some networks offer reach and some engagement, but no other network offers reach, engagement, culture, lifestyle and influence.”

BET’s efforts to reach African American women will help provide a source of content that’s not often promoted. It’ll target women of all ages and statures. This will provide them with images they can relate to, and embrace in varies ways. As women in the African American community connect over BET HER, they will have a platform where they can highlight their differences and embrace their individuality. BET HER will not only promote positive reinforcement, but will also help women to uplift each other.