Relationships are the biggest joy, but they are also the biggest heartache at times. One of my best friends has been with her man for over four years, and for a little over a year they have been married. He was a complete gentleman and treated her like a princess. Once they were married, things started to change. He had a short fuse all of a sudden and would be out all day “working”, and would not come home until late at night. For a couple of months he would leave like he always did for work, but low and behold he had lost his job and decided not to tell his wife. Money became an issue because he obviously was not bringing in any funds and her job is part time since she is pursuing her degree in education. Finally, he told her when rent was due and he had no money to contribute. They decided to move into his family’s home while he was job searching.

During this time, she found out on Facebook that he had cheated on her with his ex girlfriend. She confronted him and threatened to leave him. He said he would change and things slowly were getting better. He found a great job and was sweeter to her. Still, trust was an issue. I recommended she go to a couple’s counseling. She proposed this to him and he reluctantly said yes. Yesterday I called her asking to see how counselor hunting was going. She told me she did not think it would work. She had found on their desktop computer a window he had left open with a website specifically for married folks who are seeking an affair. He had a profile made and it clearly had been updated since the two of them decided to stay together and even after confirming they were going to start counseling.

FriendsI am so proud of my best friend. This has been a rough year for her, but she has decided to stand tall and leave this toxic relationship. Remember ladies, no matter what situation you are in… You can always get out! You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have someone who loves every part of you. I hope this reaches someone in need and they realize they are not alone. You may leave your relationship and feel lonely, but you are not alone ladies! You have your girlfriends, ALWAYS!