How I Combined All My Passions into One Product

It’s no secret that I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Since launching my business almost two years ago, I’ve made several pivots, changes, and additions to it. While the foundation continues to remain true to the mission of empowering women through style, I can’t help but think of additional ideas to make that dream a reality.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know about my passion for thrifting. This obsession started at a young age based on necessity, but it eventually evolved into a passion that I was able to profit from. That drive and desire led me to the idea of creating what I named the Secret Style Box.

Secret Style Box is a curated package filled with intestinally styled thrifted apparel. In this box, I include 6-7 items that can all be styled with each other with the possibility of creating over 10 different outfit combinations. The box also includes a one of a kind printed style vision board to help you create those outfits.

This big, bold, and big-hearted idea came to me months ago as I struggled to find a way to combine all my passions into one project. I originally launched my business to rediscover the joy in my career, and I’m constantly checking in with myself to ensure I remain true to myself and my decisions.

As I brainstormed the idea, all the dots seemed to connect. I felt artistic, advantageous, and alive. Those same feelings carried on as I talked about the idea with friends and family. However, nothing compared to the moment when I hit publish on my IGTV video making the announcement and sharing my idea with my followers. The outpour of love, support, and sweet comments was overwhelming.

So far, I’ve only launched one box, but hope to find the time and focus to continue creating many more Secret Style Boxes soon.

While this project doesn’t fully define me as an entrepreneur, it reminds me of how much I’m capable of. I have the drive, determination, and desire to do even what seems to be impossible.

You attain all those qualities too, so use them to create what your heart desires. Go out there and chase even your wildest dreams. You’ve got this.