10 Graduation Gifts that Will Impress Even the Pickiest College Grad

Graduation season is upon us. For thousands of college grads across the country, the next few weeks are a pivotal time in their lives as they transition from students to young professionals. For many of them, it’ll be their first go at life outside of school, and they’ll need all the practical gifts they can get.

A graduation present should be useful, personal, and most importantly, meaningful. Below are 10 graduation gift ideas that will impress even the pickiest college grad.

Bold messenger bag

These days, our laptop goes wherever we go, so a quality messenger bag is a must for any working professional. When picking out a messenger bag, make sure to keep the grad’s laptop size and industry in mind.

Better Bluetooth headphones

It’s safe to say most grads made it through college with a pair of headphones in hand. Headphones can be instrumental in helping individuals focus and stay inspired while working. Help them find that same inspiration by upgrading their existing pair. 

A cookbook for their cravings

Whether they’ve been enjoying mom’s cooking at home or surviving off microwavable foods in their dorm room, your grad will likely need some help in the kitchen. A good cookbook will help them transition from frozen foods to mouthwatering meals in no time.

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Classic cookware

If your graduate plans to move into their first apartment after college, they’ll likely need all the kitchen essentials, including cookware. An introductory cookware set can help them up for healthy eating success.

Convenient coffee maker

Even if your grad made it through college without drinking coffee every day, that will probably change when they enter the workforce. Equipping them with an instant coffee maker will help them stay energized while saving them money and a trip to the coffee shop.

Lush luggage

Remote work has changed the game for professionals everywhere. Whether your college grad will be traveling back home after graduating or planning a summer trip abroad to explore the world, they’ll need some quality luggage. I recently invested in an Away carry-on luggage and couldn’t be happier. It’s lightweight, fits a lot, and even includes a power bank portable phone charger.

Small handheld steamer

Wrinkle-free clothes are essential, but not at the expense of hunching over an ironing board ironing clothes the old-fashioned way. That’s why I always keep a handheld steamer handy. Whether heading to a job interview or a networking event, every grad will be glad they have this tool at arm’s reach.

Bedside weighted blanket

Many college students make it through their semesters with minimal sleep. Oh, what it was to be young. While they might have been able to pull off all-night study sessions and head to class fueled with caffeine, that strategy might not work as an adult. A weighted blanket can help the young professional fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

A budget-building subscription

Few college students gain experience managing finances because they have little control of their money. Whether they paid their tuition with scholarships, student loans or with the help of their parents, they’ll likely face a harsh reality when they enter the real world. Help them have a smooth transition by gifting them the gift of financial literacy. Apps like YouNeedABudget.com can help them build and stick to a budget.

A generous Amazon gift card

For the pickiest college grad, there’s nothing safer and more practical than an Amazon gift card. Whether they need new home decor, a professional tie, or office supplies for their new venture, Amazon has it all. Help them cross those essentials off their list with your generous gift.